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Finding Peace In The Chaos

November, already...? Wtf.

It seems like yesterday when I was watching zombie apocalyptic like videos on Youtube regarding a new virus breakout. I remember getting dinner with my parents that night and the look of horror on my moms face.

No one knew what to expect. Uncertainty was at an all time high and life as we knew it flipped upside down.

Fast forward nine months later and here we are - November 2nd, 2020 - one day before a historic presidential election (and my birthday). Yea, my bday is on election night... and apparently Kendall Jenner's is too, so shoutout to Kendall dude.

I've always been a "there's light at the end of the tunnel" kind of guy and have used this philosophy to navigate through the valleys of my own life journey.

If you think about it, you really only have two choices in any given situation. Either you adapt and expand, or you stay stagnant and contract.

This year has been a massive test for everyone. Some more so than others and I feel for anyone who's experienced loss in their family, work, or both.

2020 has not been easy, but the fact that we all went through it together is something I feel we can find comfort in as a human race.

I posted this on my IG story back when the lockdown started:

Like a lot of us, there were many times where I was consumed by anxiety and feelings of defeat this year. I had spent the past 3 years digging myself out of a hole with my business outside of UR, battling an issue with my fretting guitar hand, dealing with loss in the family, and other personal things that seemed to keep stacking on top of one another.

Just when you start to see the shoreline, an unexpected storm hits and you find yourself in the middle of the dark ocean again.

Despite all the chaos, I feel like 2020 has taught and reminded me to take responsibility for my own inner peace. 

With all the noise going around on the news, social media, your group of friends/family - its in our control to manage who/what we give our energy to and what we choose to focus on.

For me, I've been spending more time connecting to nature, playing guitar, developing skills in design and photography, playing nerdy space computer games with friends, and anything that gives rather than takes my energy away.

Your brain only has so much horsepower throughout the day and if you're constantly feeding it thoughts based in fear, conspiracy, or what have you, you're going to gas out - quick.

It'd be the mental equivalent of your body processing junk food 24/7.

2020 was a year of hitting the mental gym. It's forced me to become more aware of my thoughts and train my mind to find peace amidst all the chaos.

I wish you guys good health, both physically and mentally. Hang in there, and keep going.

- Jon

PS: Something I've resonated with over the years have been people being open about their struggles online - whether it be mental, financial, spiritual, physical... Hearing these types of stories reminds us that we are all connected in some way and deal with a lot of the same shit. So much of what you see on social media is processed and filtered and that is fine and all, but it skews what reality truly is.

The truth is we are all fucked up in one way or the other and no one's life is perfect. So... embrace and own your struggles because it's the failures that truly define you!


  • Still waiting on that bass merch…. but congrats on the launch man

    Bassdude on
  • Good post. Thanks for sharing all your thoughts. 2020 indeed has been difficult. I found myself drawn closer and renewed with my Savior Jesus… it showed very much in my renewed writing and recording of music He inspired in me! Happy Birthday John and remember Jesus is real and Loves you more than you know.

    Have a great rest of this week and God bless us all.


    Kevin R. Scholl on
  • Love you Oppa. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    Christina on
  • i love you jon, thank you for your words of wisdom .

    jacob on

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