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CAGED System Guitar Poster - Level 1: Major Shapes



Serving as the main foundation for the entire CAGED system, this poster is designed for beginners and advanced players alike. It guides you through major chord shapes, scales, and arpeggios, making learning intuitive and enjoyable.

  • - Available in Digital & Physical Formats
  • - Premium Heavy-Weight Matte Paper
  • - Framed & Ready to Hang
  • - Handmade in USA
  • - Eco-Friendly & High Resolution
  • - Instant Digital Download (Read FAQ below for more details)
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Build chords and create melodic solos with arpeggios. Elevate your solos using pentatonics and full scales. Deepen your music theory understanding with root and interval markings—all on one poster.

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Frequently asked questions

The CAGED system is a revolutionary approach to mastering the guitar fretboard. By breaking down the fretboard into five shapes (C, A, G, E, D), it simplifies learning chords, scales, and arpeggios, making it easier for guitarists to navigate the entire neck.

Unlike traditional, cluttered chord and scale charts, our CAGED System Unlocked posters offer a clear, organized framework that enhances understanding and creativity.

Level 1: Major Shapes

  • Perfect for establishing a strong understanding of major shapes, crucial for mastering the basics of the CAGED System.

Level 2: Minor Shapes

  • Ideal for those who are ready to delve into minor shapes to broaden their musical repertoire.

Level 3: 7th Arpeggios

  • Suited for those ready to tackle advanced concepts, adding depth and sophistication to their playing.

Essentials: CAGED Fretboard

  • Simplifies learning by focusing on natural notes and root positions, essential for mastering the entire fretboard.


  • Mastery Bundle: Complete your learning with the Mastery Bundle, which includes the Core Series (Levels 1-3) + our CAGED Fretboard Poster.

Our digital posters offer instant access to the CAGED System Unlocked series for viewing on any digital device and can be printed at home or a local shop using high-resolution files and our Printing Guide.

Our physical posters, printed on premium matte paper, come in various sizes and framing options, offering a tangible product ready to hang on your wall. Comes with complimentary digital download.

After completing your purchase, you will receive an email with a download link to access your digital posters immediately.

Our digital posters come in high-resolution PDF formats, ensuring you can print them at any size without losing quality.

For the best results, we recommend printing at a professional print shop using the provided high-resolution files.

If printing at home, use high-quality paper and the highest print settings available on your printer. Printing guide included!

No, these digital posters are for personal use only. Sharing or distributing the files is not permitted and violates our terms of use.

Our digital downloads include a small, discreet watermark at the bottom left corner to protect our intellectual property. This watermark does not affect the quality or usability of the product. Thank you for understanding and supporting our work.

Small (12x16): Ideal for personal spaces; integrates easily into any setting.

Medium (18x24): Our most popular size; perfect balance of detail and visibility.

Large (24x36): Makes a bold statement; ensures clarity of details from a distance.

Why Choose Our CAGED System Posters?

Educational Value
The CAGED system offers guitarists a clear understanding of chord shapes, scales, and arpeggios across the fretboard, making it an invaluable educational tool.

Visual Learning
Our posters provide an easy reference that can be placed in practice areas, helping players quickly recall shapes and patterns.

Having all the necessary information on one poster reduces the need to look up chord shapes and scales separately, making practice sessions more efficient.

High-quality, well-designed posters not only serve an educational purpose but also enhance the visual appeal of your practice space.

Comprehensive Learning
Our bundle includes multiple levels and a fretboard poster, offering a complete learning package that appeals to both beginners and advanced players.

Success Stories

Discover how the CAGED System has revolutionized guitar playing for musicians like you.

"Understanding the CAGED system was my lightbulb moment. My improvisation has improved massively, and I feel more connected to my guitar than ever."

Jake T.Guitar student

"I was stuck playing the same patterns over and over. The CAGED system opened up the fretboard for me, and now I'm creating music I never thought possible."

Alex M.Guitar student

"The diagrams in the CAGED posters have made it so much easier to navigate the fretboard. Highly recommend to any guitarist looking to take their skills to the next level!"

Emily J.Guitar student
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